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Live Streaming Features

High quality broadcasting

Enjoy the clarity of full HD live broadcasting with no bitrate or resolution restrictions.

Low Latency streaming

Real time audio video transmission with a latency of 500ms or less.

Adaptive streaming

Adaptive streaming technology ensures that your users are able to view live streaming based on their device bandwidth capability.

Record your broadcasts

Record your broadcasts and share them with your audience for future viewing.

Mobile compatible

Use modern smartphones to capture high quality videos without the need of specialized equipment.

Legacy software compatible

Take advantage of the legacy streaming software platforms like OBS Studio, Wirecast, and more.

Live Auctions Features

Easy Live auction setup

Get your Live Auctions scheduled quickly and easily with our service.

Multi-channel setup

Take advantage of multi-channel support for streaming with audio only mode and video independently.

Offline Auction Team

Create efficient offline auction team for enhancing action results.

Dedicated Auctioneer screen

Manage Auction lots

 Easy Integration with AuctionWorx

Auctioneering made easy with a dedicated screen for tracking bids and see who is winning.

Monitor, Prioritise, and take full control of your lots to manage them effectively.

Seamless Integration with powerful auction website solution Rainworx product AuctionWorx.

How Live Auction Works


Schedule an Event and Team

The seller has the ultimate authority to plan and execute the Event Live, as well as assign team members for offline activities.

  • Schedule your Live auctions date and time
  • Setup your Offline team
  • Setup your video recording

Start Streaming and Bidding

The Offline team is equipped with the tools to manage the Auctions during Live Event.


  • Recorder starts the stream
  • Event managed by the team
  • Team member manages offline bids

Stop Steaming and End Event

The event is stopped by the Team Manager


  • Recorder stops the recording
  • Team member stops the Event
  • Event is closed
key features

Our Success Story



Conducted stress test with more than 1000 users to ensure stability and smooth user experience.



Stream with confidence with verified broadcasting and viewing on Android and iOS devices.



Successfully rolled out with our client and happy with the event.

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